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Our approach

Each pup has a unique genetic make up and environmental circumstances contributing to it's development. They also come with a variety of family dynamics and goals. Therefore, we tailor our approach to the individual pup & family, and look at the entire picture in order to determine the best approach.

We leverage dog psychology and educate owners on the best ways to support and communicate with their pups. We see training as a lifestyle and believe sustainable results are best achieved through clear communication, a fulfilling life structure and consistent boundaries.  This combination provides a vital form of affection that leads to a pup's security. With a strong foundation, freedoms are born.


Our Story



After over 20 years in early childhood education and 7 years in the Wellness Industry, MindfulPups Founder, Dina Casellini, came back to a childhood love-- dogs.​ In early 2020, what started as a weekend passion and side hustle soon rolled into something life-changing. After only a few months of walking and boarding dogs, Dina enrolled in Catch Canine Training Academy, shadowed a variety of training mentors and started working with dogs 24/7, and that was all it took! Dog training merged her love for learning, teaching and wellness, and by just working with a few pups in her building, word spread quickly and the community took on a life of its own. 


The more Dina learned about dogs, the more she learned about herself. And then her husband Luca joined in. ​By 2021 the passion became a family lifestyle and there was no going back.  They needed a home for their community, and a name. But what name can encompass the magical experience of working with pups? Well, it turns out that to be good pup trainer, you have to slow down, breathe, listen, observe, release ego, be patient and engage compassion. It's a powerful life practice.​

And so, MindfulPups was born.

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