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Our Services

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Training Programs begin with a phone consultation and in some cases require an in person assessment. 

Mindful Training

By appointment

60-90min | In home| $150-$225

1-on-1 training in the comfort of your home. MindfulPups aims to educate dog owners to bridge the communication gap between pups and their humans. We use a thoughtful approach in an effort to find a balance between structure/boundaries and love/affection. 


* 1st session includes a behavioral consultation + training plan


Puppy & Behavior Board & Train

2-4 weeks | 119 Union St | $1225/wk


Puppy Training is a process-oriented art. It is repetitive and time consuming. To some people, this is music to their ears, but to others, between work, life and family obligations, it is simply not feasible. 


In our 2 week puppy B & T program, we do the heavy lifting with your pup, while taking time to introduce you to dog psychology and training at a pace where you have ample time to practice and retain the information. Puppy B & T covers basic obedience & manners up to low level distractions.


**Includes 2 private training sessions 

Adult/adolescent programs (3 week min) are available to reinforce fading skills, improve manners, or address behavior problems like reactivity, over excitability, anxiety.


Structured Day Program


Full Day | 119 Union St | Packages Only


Mondays available! (taking waitlist for alternate days)

Mindful Days offer full structured days where each day the packs are consistent and follow a consistent schedule that includes threshold boundary practice, indoor play time, pack walks and down time. Handlers work to advocate for the needs of each pup and stay in close communication with owners for a safe and mindful experience. 

*Consistent weekly commitment required. 


Day Train Program


Full Day | 147 Union St | Packages Only


Waitlist available.


Mindful Full Day Training offers a controlled indoor/outdoor environment with a tailored curriculum to address the needs of each individual pup, as well as the collective pack. Activities include private and group training, nose work, treadmill sessions, water play, pack walks, agility, decompression/calm training, and structured play. High drive or pups in need of confidence-building are a great fit. 

*Consistent weekly commitment required. 


Walk & Train

By Appointment

60min | In home| $55


Walking your pup in the city is an advanced training skill. After attending a training session or participating in one of our programs, we offer the opportunity for training walks (Mindful Walk & Train).

These 60 minute walks are preformed by one of our trainers and focus on educating you and fulfilling your pup. Walks may include outdoor/indoor play or training, structured walking, counter conditioning, biking, running, or decompression. Afterwards we send pictures and videos with feedback and homework so you can continue to work mindfully with your pup.


Group Dog Training Classes

Saturdays 11:00am

75min | Varied Locations | $50 or 3 for $99

Our Outdoor Group Classes are our way to build community, educate, and practice communication and relationship. 


Group classes are also a great way to practice with controlled distractions. Most owners do a great job teaching obedience in no or low level distraction areas, but drop the training at the most crucial phase—proofing obedience with distractions. 


We are only as good at something as the amount of time and energy we put into it. Classes can give your training program the maintenance it needs to stay on point! 

Outdoor Spring Series: 

  • May 4: Training Fundamentals 

  • May 18: Play

  • June 1: Agility

  • June 8: Impulse control 

  • June 15: Recall


Puppy Foundations 4 Class Series

May 7-28th

Tuesdays 6:00-7:00pm

60min | 147 Union St | $200


Obedience is only the tip of the iceberg. Dive deep and learn foundational pillars to support the growing relationship between you and your pup. Classes cover:


  • Engagement and Motivation

  • Potty and crate training

  • Puppy biting

  • Socialization and confidence building

  • Structure, boundaries and thresholds

  • Advocacy 

  • Obedience basics

  • Cooperative Care


Puppy Socialization

Wed & Fri


90min | 147 Union St | $40

A well socialized pup has been taught how to behave in a way that is socially acceptable. Meaning, they have had positive exposure to a multitude of situations and environments where the pup has been taught, and practiced, how to channel a calm mindset to interact safely within his or her environment. 


New dog owners often misinterpret socialization to mean playing with other dogs. That can be a part of the process, but it is so much more!

In our 90 min puppy DROP OFF socialization class, our trainers help pups:


  • Build confidence through agility 

  • Manage excitement levels

  • Practice relaxation protocols

  • Read social cues from other pups

  • Experience novel sounds/objects

  • Learn basic leash skills

  • Problem solve


Walk appointments require a phone consultation followed by an in person assessment. 

Pack Walks

90min | Carroll Gardens | $38


Mindful walks are 90 minute structured pack walks. Small, consistent packs explore different parts of our neighborhood and enjoy some free time in a safe, off leash space. 

During inclement weather, pups are brought into our indoor play space. 

Pick ups happen between 12:45-1:20 and drop offs are between 2:15 and 2:50.


Solo Walks/Drop in Visits

30-60min | Cobble Hill & Carroll Gardens | $30-$50


Mindful solo walks are 30-60 minute structured walks, exploring different parts of our neighborhood. Pups also enjoy some structured play or training games for mental stimulation. 

During inclement weather, pups may be brought into our indoor play space. 

Puppy Drop-in visits are also available in lieu of walks. Time will be spent combining physical & mentally stimulating activities to keep your pup thriving.

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